Who the hell is FLR?

He is a 37-year-old left-handed batsman. And he made this statement:

"We will do the six million people of the Caribbean proud at the ICC tournament."

Champions Trophy that is! LOL@FLR

Floyd Lamonte Reifer is the current West Indies captain. How does he plan to make the six-million people proud? Gayle did it by winning the Champions Trophy, can FLR do it?

Between 1997 and now - our champ has played five ODIs, scored 81 runs at an lightning-speed run rate of 55.86 - oops the average is 16.20!

Against Bangladesh this year, he scored 3 off 8 balls, 7 off 13 balls and.... 40 of 79 balls!

FLR has played Test cricket too, of course he is the captain!

So far he has played Six TEST matches and batted in all twelve innings. Poor guy, he managed to register double figures only four times - eight times he was dismissed in single digit score!

You don't believe me?

Here it is http://bit.ly/sHPPm

29, 1, 0, 18, 0, 9, 0, 6, 25, 19, 1, 3

A captain with a Test average of 9.25... what more needs to be said about the state of Windies cricket?

Think of legends like Greenidge, Haynes, Lloyd, Richards, Holding, Roberts... and then you think of what FLR said about his team going to make the Caribbean PROUD.

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