BCCI must be worried. Very worried.

Here are a few tweets posted today by the IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi.

IPL is for our Fans in india and globally people who love the game of cricket. We have set new standards and are proud of it.

@kirannarendran I agree. We can't see EPL being played outside england or NBA outside US. Or big bash outside australia. Its our tournament.

DLF IPL is for India and will remain for India. No one can dictate to us how we should conduct our tournaments and on there terms.

I have been sent messages thru various quarters to entertain Fica Preisdent Tim May. Unfortunately we do not recognise Fica or any agents.

We will not be dictated by players associations where to play. DLF IPL will be played in India.

So I asked the commissioner: #cricket @LalitKModi Do you think moving IPL2 to South Africa was a mistake?

He did not answer. He knows all this "India" talk is hot air.

Modi says, "DLF IPL is for India and will remain for India."

Oh really? So why did they really move it to South Africa last year? Did South Africa suddenly become a province of India last year?

What did Modi say then? "For us, South Africa was always suitable from a logistical and infrastructure point of view and it is our belief that we can build a brand and legacy of involvement that lasts for years to come."

Ranjit Borthakur, the vice-chairman of the Rajasthan Royals, said: "We are disappointed the tournament is not being held in India, but if the choice is between no tournament and a tournament in another country, then we clearly prefer the latter.

It was based on security issues - national elections were on; government of India was not in a position to provide security forces for the IPL.

Modi tweeted today: Australia tour to india in oct - will australian players association dictate them not coming then ? Doubt it.

Why would anyone target Australian players? The security issue is - any terror attack on an IPL game can create a bigger TV spectacle than a terrorist attack on Taj Hotel. And we know how bad we hurt when Mumbai was attacked.

It is a reality that Pakistan has a lot of terrorists to export. And on top of it, there is not a single Pakistani player in IPL...

If Australian government or any government has any clear information on a possible terror attack during IPL, they must share it with the government of India. Security of our country is much more important than Indian Private League with players auctioned as slaves.

From his tweets it is very clear that Modi has no idea about NBA or the English Premier League. NBA is played outside the US and EPA wanted an additional round of games to be played outside England - which was shot down by Fifa. There is even a Facebook Group campaigning for EPL Intl Round.

Modi is no genius; he is at best a copy/paste guy - he took the ICL model, threw in BCCI's money and clout - created the monstrous IPL. There are many Indians, especially affluent Indians - who have been singing praises of Modi.

One of the many idiots went on to plead with Modi - not to recognize any player associations. Why shouldn't players have an association? This feudal nature of the game must end.

When Modi says, "Unfortunately we do not recognise Fica or any agents." Who is this we? BCCI or IPL? In India, every employee has a right to form a union and be a member of one. Modi on a blackberry might forget India is still a democracy; it is another matter that the current national selector Srikkanth was one who tried to form a player association in the late 80s.

BCCI and IPL are private/corporate clubs/companies; no wonder they show anti-social tendencies.

BCCI must be worried that Modi has no sense of diplomacy at all. Cricket needs everyone; it is a sport for everyone. Sitting on the top of the IPL tree, if BCCI officials think they are invincible... no God, including Sachin, will be able to save them.

One can only hope that some loonies in Pakistan aren't planning an attack during the IPL. If it happens, it will mark the end of too many things in cricket.

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