Paul Condon's Ten Years Of 'Put Up Or Shut Up!'

Paul Condon is retiring as the head of ACSU (ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit) after spending ten comfortable years in what must be a highly paid job.

What has Paul Condon and ACSU done in the last ten years?

We'll find the answer, if we were to read carefully into Condon's latest statement:

"IPL 3 from a clean cricket point of view seems to have been a very good event, but you are never more than a phonecall away from someone saying otherwise. There were rumours and vague allegations about IPL3, but no one has come forward either from the Indian board, or IPL, or franchises, or journalists, or players, or team managers, or anyone with specific allegations about match-fixing in IPL. All it's been is very generic rumour, and we're still waiting."

WTF is ACSU waiting for? Their job is not to wait for information, but to proactively nab fixers.

"In the serendipity of cricket, you often do get freak results, because it's a fabulous game and strange things can happen. We get phone calls from people saying that a match must have been fixed. But quite often I've said to people, at its crudest, 'put up or shut up'. Either defend the game you love, or give us some real evidence that a match has been fixed. The vast majority of players are honourable."

Condon must be held responsible. He cannot walk away from his job, having earned a pile of cash over the last ten years, condemning players for match-fixing. What Condon says is, "vast majority of players are honourable." Condon didn't say the game is 100% clean. Strictly speaking, Condon is admitting or suggesting that there are a few international players who are not honourable and are playing the Fixing Game.

If that is the case, how many players has he or the ACSU booked in the last ten years?

If not for the due diligence of Delhi & Kochi Police, no one would have admitted to match-fixing.

Don't we have a right to ask W T F?!

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