Indian Cricket Fan and their Patriotic Farts

I wonder as to who the writer of this report is! A journalist can say anything and get away with it! He is well within his right to criticise Dhoni for what he considers is improper, but the language used should be appropriate. He himself admits in the last but one para, that Dhoni & his boys have 'served' cricket well!
Poverty, Terrorism, Orchestrated devaluation of Indian currency - cannot bring such reaction from my countrymen. When the Indian cricket team and the 'players' who 'play' are questioned - the author's credibility and even the publication gets crucified.
I am not a big fan of Roebuck (because he pushed a certain IVA Richards and Joel Garner out of the Somerset team.) Some of the pseudo-cricket-patriots may not know who these west indian players are!

As pointed in some comments, Roebuck did write a sharp and decisive article - which for all you know triggered the collapse of the Aussie domination.

As for the comment about 1.3 billion people and their love for cricket; please give us a break from this nonsense. I have played cricket, and as a journalist written about the game too. Why can't our people just enjoy the game and not the "heroes". No wonder we seem to struggle to elect decent politicians in this country.

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