Are Indian Cricketers really tired?

There seems to be a continued effort by many hacks, former players etc, to promote an idea that India's star players need more rest. Player fatigue is drummed up as the main reason for India's 0-4 whitewash in the recent Test series against England.

Are they really serious about making such claims?

Let us look at some batting numbers for the Year 2011, in Test Cricket that is. All of India's top batsmen claim that Test Cricket is the Real Cricket. So what they do with ODIs and T20s is their problem.

These numbers throw up some interesting data. Tendulkar and Sehwag cannot complain of fatigue. Nor can VVS Laxman. Screw this fatigue excuse; the truth is - our batsmen (with the exception of Rahul Dravid) have been mediocre through 2011. And that is simply not good enough.

Dravid has batted for close to 43 hours in test cricket this year. Doesn't look like he is tired. What about the others?

It is not a matter of form or fatigue anymore for some of the senior guys, most importantly the skipper Dhoni. The non-performing, highly paid superstars of the Indian team need a break from Test cricket; simply because they are not good enough. In other words, drop them - NOW!

If they wish to get back into the Test XI, let them decide whether they want to relax and rest - or play in Ranji trophy and score heavily.

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