Did Aus really want to lose the Chennai Test?

One South African Coach, One Australian Coach, A bowling Coach, High performance managers, Selectors ready to rotate fast bowlers, and above all a Captain who is considered to have more tactical nous than Ricky Ponting.

There was a time when most teams were reluctant to bowl Bouncers at Saurav Ganguly; no one can really tell why they were. On the other hand, anyone who watched international cricket knew, Ganguly was like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -- if bouncers were hurled at him. Lloyd or Richards' Windies team would have destroyed Ganguly's career for good; perhaps there were secret handshakes, making all this similar to a well-scripted WWE show.

I distinctly remember Steve Elworthy bowling a bouncer at Ganguly in an ODI, early in his innings, and had him in all sorts of trouble. That was the last of the bouncers South Africans hurled at Ganguly - and he went on to hit a century.

In Chennai though, Dhoni walked in at the fall of Tendulkar's wicket 196/4, 184 runs adrift of Aus first innings score of 380. Australia goes into a Test match in India with Four Seamers; you would expect them to play to their strength.

The first bouncer was bowled at Dhoni when he was on 96, and India 370/6.

104.4: Pattinson to Dhoni, no run, short outside off, loopy bouncer really, left alone (Dhoni 96/115)

113.1: Henriques to Dhoni, no run, and just like the last time Dhoni charges him to welcome. Henriques is smart to it, and bounces him (Dhoni 118/138)

113.2: Henriques to Dhoni, no run, another bouncer, Dhoni looks to pull but pulls out of the shot late. Bounces well short of Wade (Dhoni 118/139)

119.3: Henriques to Dhoni, FOUR, bouncer, angling too far down the leg side, Dhoni plays the pull, gets enough bat on it to get it fine of fine leg for four (Dhoni 127/159)

146.3: Pattinson to Dhoni, OUT, Dhoni is out finally. Pattinson gets five. He has bowled his heart out, and has fittingly ended a superb innings from the opposition captain. Dhoni falls on 224, eight short of the highest score by a wicketkeeper. This is a bouncer, on middle and leg, Dhoni gets inside the line to hook, but ends up gloving it through to Wade. The sparse crowd, and the full dressing room stand up in appreciation for the innings. Well played, captain

MS Dhoni c †Wade b Pattinson 224 (265b 24x4 6x6) SR: 84.52

What was Clarke thinking?

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